Tots Ballet Classes explore the fundamental building blocks for ballet, character dance and expression whilst promoting confidence and individuality in a safe and nurturing environment. We appreciate that this first step may well be a hobby, but may flourish into a lifelong love of dance.

Junior Classes build on those fundamental skills from tots class and develop into technique exercises at the barre and centre practice.
Improving balance, footwork, turn out and alignment throughout the body. Expressing every exercise as if it were a performance.

Inter Classes takes you further with more complex exercises at the barre and in the centre. Adagio (slow movements that develop balance and control) and Allegro, (fast steps that increase speed and exactness). Moving across the floor with developing enchainments, pirouettes, energetic jumps and sequence work.

Senior Class offers next level challenges at the barre and in the centre. We promote body conditioning for all dancers using exercise balls and resistance bands to help understand posture, alignment and building strength into the body. Senior girls, if ready, study pointe too.  Whilst studying Classical, Romantic and Modern & Contemporary Ballet, we work to engage modern music with the art form. Musicality is key.

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