GCSE Dance

Dance is a powerful and expressive subject which encourages students to develop their creative, emotional and intellectual capacity.  Dance is instrumental in developing a broad range of personal, learning and thinking skills that help young people improve their learning and performance in school and life.  Participating in a good quality dance course supports mental health and can lift young people’s mood and ease anxiety.  It is also an engaging activity that increases and maintains fitness and build social bonds. GCSE Dance attracts a wide range of young people and often students discover that they have a real strength or talent for choreographing dance, which has previously remained hidden. Having the opportunity to study Dance at GCSE level gives young people access to a creative subject which nurtures creativity and artistry; skills that are vital in developing creative thinkers.

Dance is more than just learning and developing dance technique, performance and composition skills; however, it promotes creativity, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, reflection and the skills to communicate verbally and non verbally to an audience. Viewing the wider dance world and appreciating dance works across a broad range of styles opens their eyes to new approaches to dance.  Students who study the art form of dance are developing skills that are fundamental for the 21st century workplace.

AQA Dance is a full two year GCSE which covers all aspects of dance. 40%  Non-Exam Assessment of Performance, Composition and Choreography and 60% Appreciation of their own work and the study of 6 Anthology works of professional company pieces.

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